About Us

"Profashionally Chic is a brand for fashionably bold women who “werk it” in and out of the workplace."
P. Chic is a career woman and a true fashion enthusiast. Aside from crushing her professional goals, some of her favorite past times are date nights with her hubby, shopping, family time, elegant brunches, breathtaking vacations, happy hour with her girls, and showering her self in luxury.

As her life elevated, so did her style and after a while, shopping became frustrating. P. Chic ran into the dilemma of clothes being professional but very lackluster, or too revealing, leaving nothing to the imagination. Refusing to settle with clothing that did not represent her best self, she made a conscious decision to address the need in the market.

To accommodate her versatile lifestyle, she decided to source and buy pieces of the finest quality that exude the perfect balance of professionalism, confidence and poise. She thought that if she felt this way then surely other women must have as well.

As a result, P. Chic stepped out on faith and created Profashionally Chic, a brand catered to the PROFASHIONALS of the world.